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9 September, 2022

Award | Lamex Won the Best Workplace Environment Solution of the Year Award


In August, the 2021 Most Innovative Solutions Award was hosted by Business Innovator, an Asia’s leading content platform of business innovation. Lamex won the award of Best Workplace Environment Solution of 2021 after multiple selections by the professional panel of judges of the award.

With the theme of “Innovation under Pandemic, Outstanding Operation”, the 2021 Most Innovative Solutions Award is designed to identify and reward organizations which have demonstrated remarkable contributions and superior innovation in their respective sectors.  Through successfully break through by turning the adversary into opportunity and grasping it to enhance their brands, the enterprises strive to enhance their business operational efficiencies, service quality and the competitiveness of their industry as a whole.   

(From left to right)  Mr. Jingo Chan (Marketing Director of Business Innovator), Mr. Ivan Shum (Chairman of the Angel Investment Foundation), Mr. Jimmy Wan (Founding President of Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association) Mr. Joseph Chan (Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of HKSAR), Ms. Karen Fung (General Manager of InnoPreneur and FutureSkills of HKPC, Mr. Edward Lam, President of Hong Kong SME Development Federation Ltd, Mr. Jaff Lau, Managing Director, (Head of Strategy and Innovation of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)

The competition attracted enterprises and institutions from different industries to participate actively. The panel of judges evaluated all contestants based on seven criteria (brand reputation, industry leadership, service and product characteristics, corporate plan and philosophy, market competitiveness, corporate governance and culture, and corporate social responsibility) and selected the winning enterprises for their outstanding performance.

(from left to right) Marc Fong - Lamex Global Product Design Director, Mr. Joseph Chan (Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury of Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of HKSAR)

Lamex is honored to receive the award of Best Workplace Environment Solution of 2021 among many innovative and insightful enterprises and hopes to share the thoughts of the development of future workplace.

We believe that many management and employees will think of “flexibility” in different aspects such as working hours, schedule or space usage. But when we communicate with management every day about workplace issues, we can find that they are worried about whether hybrid work is effective. How can remote work be more easily supported? Do all employees need a private workspace? All of these considerations reflect that future workplace needs to consider more than just the element of “flexibility”.

Therefore, Lamex co-creates with international designers and customers from different industries and has accumulated 45 years of experience in design, product development and services. It proposes the concept of Multi Experiential Workplace, aiming to create a diverse, inclusive, happy, fun and people-oriented workplace where can support employees to be their true self, love their own workplace, and achieve self-improvement. Thereafter, we have refined 3 elements for future workplace—flexibility, diversity and experience. Here is some of our sharing of the current market analysis.  

Under the Covid-19 pandemic and normalization of working remotely, employees are reimagining the ideal workplace. This workplace needs to accommodate the evolving changes of work forms, collaboration remotely and shared culture, adapt to the gradually blurred boundaries between home and office, and respond to the development of employees with different characteristic and the development of diverse experience.

Management is often thinking about how to improve employees’ sense of belonging to the enterprise. Let’s take a look at the small decorations, plants and ornaments on the employees’ workstations. Even if they are small decorations, they also reflect the style of workplace that employees want to be, so as to build a sense of belonging to the enterprise gradually. In this case, can we give employees greater and more freedom of choices?


Let employees choose their workplace freely!


Flexible workplace breaks the restrictions of traditional workstation setup that empower employees to make arrangements as their will in accordance to their work situations, needs and even working hours in order to have a better work-life balance. Lamex advocates "Work", "Play" and "Rest" in a workplace - make the space suitable for you instead of making yourself to fit the space.

Lamex summarizes the following 10 scenarios from the Multi Experiential Workplace. By understanding the business development, business characteristics and employee needs from clients, Lamex delivers an exclusive and people-oriented workplace for clients with different furniture products that are innovative and convenient for smart office. The boundaries between work space and leisure space are blurred. Employees can experience different innovative scenarios vary from highly focused area to collaborative and learning space to ecological islands.

We hope that employees can benefit from more diversified office furniture and spaces in order to improve the utilization rate of workplace and the happiness of every user. Thank you again for your support of the Lamex and recognition of our capabilities in workplace solutions and product innovation.

The few words in the article cannot fully describe our perception of workplace planning or insight of product development. You are welcome to tell us about your ideal workplace, and we will do our best to deliver a great workplace for you. We concluded with a speech by our Global Product Design Director Marc Fong at the award ceremony.

Lamex will continue to collaborate with customers around the world in creating workplaces that truly deliver fun and desirable experiences in workplaces where all employees truly enjoy the time spent in the workplace.