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4 May, 2022

Born | The Evolutional Bench


Born to Achieve

High achievers transcend passions or professions, balancing the strength to overcome challenges with an agile mindset. Born exemplifies these elements across its distinctive bench design – sloped chamfered-edge screens and surfaces dynamically adapt to all environments, while wide-angle legs demonstrate strength. Both for high achievers, born to achieve.

Looks as good as it works

Born unifies exotic design with soothing structures. Featuring wooden tones and nature-inspired shades, with accents conceived for aesthetic relief – from smooth frameless screens to performance-enhanceed athletic legs and edges all gently contoured.

Functionality Across the Board

Peak performance, distilled into a multifunctional bench. Streamlined aesthetics and a dual-chamfered surface edge reveal functionality – quick power access, fabric and ultra-clear glass screens for sharing innovations.

Born to succeed: Benchmarking the Future of Work

Trends to technology – our workplaces have been ever transformed. Born redefines how you work, the dynamic desk intuitively adapting to activity-based environments through exceptional design functions. Communication and collaboration is elevated, productivity amplified, health & wellbeing heightened, and a sense of belonging naturally forms – driving success for both individual and collaborative work.

Flexibility for Fluid Teams

Born creates a culture of energy. Designed to adapt to fluid spaces, it empowers people to move freely and find a workstyle that suits their mood. By delivering flexibility for diverse workplaces, the bench supports agile teams in fluid environments, for maximized productivity and engagement.

Productivity In-Focus

Born transforms based on your desired layout, delivering privacy when it is demanded and team settings as you need. Individual work is centered around comfort, where energy and efficiency are amplified. Born fulfills the modern expectations of flexibility, for the future for workspaces.

Power Performance

Smart cable management system is fully concealed under adjacent work surfaces, with wires routed through leg supports to provide convenient, continuous power and data connectivity. With Born, limitless power is on-demand.

Inspiring Choice

Self-expression that stands out among the crowd. Diverse colors and materials on-offer, from fabric and natural woodgrain to powder-coat finishes and ultra-clear glass-showcasing boundless creativity. With Born, the limit is your imagination.