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2 March, 2021

Check it out! NO COFFEE NO WORK


People say a happy city is the one that allows bicycles. If so, we think that café is also essential for that type of city.

For different point of views, like living aspect or financial aspect, café should be essential to the people. To some extends, a cup of coffee is able to represent a culture and reflects the vitality of a city’s diversity.

Today, we would like to share a nice and decent café with you.

Pop up café - NO COFFEE NO WORK

Address: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Centre – Hall 7

In 2020, the NO COFFEE NO WORK was a popular place for people to take photos and hang around in the exhibition. The Shenzhen Creative Week was held for 4 days to showcase the latest design trends and aesthetics. The NO COFFEE NO WORK was designed to provide a good location of for rest and recharge and have a cup of coffee, and it becomes an iconic place during the Creative Week.

This year, Lamex has joined with the famous designer – Mr. ZhaoXiong, a famous fashion brand – Marisfrolg, a famous coffee brand – Kotora Café and the famous floral design brand – Mazza, to co-operate a dynamic café and workplace in the booth of “NO COFFEENO WORK!”.


The Design Concept of Lamex Playces

Today our workplace is evolving to be a wonderful combination of office, home, café, hotel and wellness center. It is a place where our community gathers to work, play and rest. The Playces by Lamex is a furniture collection developed under the concept of work, play and rest. It is designed to fit for everywhere like office, home, hotel and airport lounge, café and restaurant.

Lamex invites you to join “Shenzhen Creative Week and Workplace Exhibition” and participate in our talks forums.

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