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24 March, 2021

Check out the highlights of SZCW 2021 & Design Forums!


Flexible works, Hybrid works, Collaborative works and AI Solutions, etc, all these terminologies and work styles are transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under post epidemic era, our traditional ways of working had changed and also brought a new challenge to many corporate and design firms. You may discover that singular working scenes have already transformed into a dynamic working area where we can work, play and rest. Employees are now able to work anywhere. With the wireless network technologies, paperless working styles, AI working and 5G advancements, we are now able to work remotely. Work and leisure boundaries are blurred; play and rest are essential for a good balance at work, while collaboration has become the most important working style.

All these changes are consistent with the concept of “Neighbourhood Community” proposed by Lamex, which breaks the boundaries, fosters communications, intimate collaboration, foster creativity and so better productivity. The “Neighbourhood Community” concept repositions future workplaces, which promotes employees’ perception of corporate culture, fosters communication, teamwork, inspiration, creativity and innovation. In SZCW, Mr. Marc Fong, the Design Director of Lamex, has proposed - “SuperLab” concept. With the development of 5G and AI technologies, the workplace will become a “SuperLab” that drives co-creation and multi-disciplinary collaboration. It overcomes physical and geographical barriers and span different time zones for all people around the globe to foster better productivity.

Hybrid work modes to release 24/7 productivity

In the 2021 SZCW and the 36th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, Lamex collaborates with a famous designer – Mr. ZhaoXiong, a fashion brand – Marisfrolg, a coffee brand – Kotora Café and the floral design brand – Mazza, to co-create a dynamic café and workplace in the booth of NO COFFEE,NO WORK, which symbolizes the new form of our future workplaces. The traditional café is now a place for young people to rest and relax. To many people, café is the third space for both work and rest, which allows people to switch from daily works and more conductive to creative brainstorming.

The café -“No Coffee No Work” become the popular place where people gather and share. Visitors can experience the concept of “Neighbourhood Community” and “Playces” Collection –“Work, play and rest, everywhere”.

Design Forum - "Merge"

In “NO COFFEE,NO WORK!”, Lamex collaborates with the media – “Workplace Design” to co-organize a themed design forum – “Merge”. In the 2 days of design forums, the representatives from WeWork Shenzhen – Ms. Gia Tan, the Design Director and Associate partner of Robarts Space – Ms. Yaching Hsueh, the Project Director of Studio HBA – Ms. Vera Lee, the General Manager (China) of SPARK – Ms. Min Wei, the Executive Director of TOP Innovation Laboratory – Ms. Flora Lan, the Senior Strategic Space Designer of M Moser – Sophie Guo, and the Strategic Space Designer of M Moser – Ms. Keyan Guo, were invited to share topics on “How to restructure and lead to the development of future workplace trend”, and “How to create a comprehensive design for the new form of work styles Inclusive design in hybrid work model”.

On the other side of the exhibition, the Design Director of Lamex – Mr. Marc Fong joined the design forums via live streaming to share on “A paired life” and his new concept of future workplace – “The rise of SuperLabs and CoLabs”.  Office is a place for human interaction, pairing human cognitive, social and emotional capabilities, with artificial intelligence. When some work is faster and better by artificial intelligence, the office sole purpose is to glue human minds together and create immersive 360 degree environments for collaboration and problem-solving.  Marc also thought that office will become Colabs, moving away from a today’s enormous campus to multiple smaller Colabs distributed in accessible locations, designed for co-creation and collaboration, with enhanced connectedness facilitating hybrid online and face-to-face participation for any number of people.  Similarly, workplaces are evolving into SuperLabs found across the city where social phenomenon-based learning happens, while individual online learning takes place at home.  Office will be open 24 hours, as the freedom to work anytime/anywhere creates business competitive edge, with global teams delivering 24 hour productivity and creation of highly advantageous multi-disciplinary talent as the flexible workforce finds time to pick up new skills.

“Smart Working” is the new dimension of future workplace

Lamex believes that the rise of AI Technology, 5G and automation technology redefine works. All these technologies improve our productivity by allowing us to work any time and anywhere. Our future work style will become more agile and hybrid while combining work-at-home, co-working, 3rd work space and satellite-work, etc. “Neighbourhood Community” is combined people’s cognitive, emotions, creativity and AI Technology. In 2021 SZCW, a special an exploratory themed exhibition of “Smart of Space” is created to allow visitors to explore the possibilities of future workplace. “Smart of Space” is an eco-system of the Internet of Things and AI Technology for generation Z and Y to experience a smart living and working space. In this theme booth, Lamex was selected as a furniture brand and has collaborated with Tuya, Honeywell, Casarte smart kitchenware and Zigbee smart power station, etc, to create a breathing and green environment for the young generations.

The Design Director of Lamex – Ms. Sabrina Lee, expressed her perspectives and studies on “The New Form of Smart Office”. She thinks that the interaction between people and remote working will become more often with the development of technology. It posts a revolution to the development of the corporate culture and work modes. Companies tend to seek for the digital transformation, effective and personalized solutions to overcome the barriers of time zones and create the best strategy for greater competitive advantage. Some studies find that the future work style will become more diverse, agile and digital. With the help of AI technology, our future workplace design will be given a new direction and development.

According to some economic reports, the total transaction volume of the Smart Home industry will reach 15.3 billion US dollars in 2023, while the revenue growth rate is expected to be 20.1%. Given the great economic return, many giant internet companies have stepped into Smart Home Industry, and many Home Appliance Companies have developed different AI smart home products. The Shenzhen Furniture Association is cooperated with the HiLink of ICT Technology by Huawei to establish the “Shenzhen Furniture Association Smart Home Committee”. On the Forum of the Innovation of Chinese Furniture, the President of Lamex – Mr. Wilson Tse participated in the presentation ceremony of the founding members of the Smart Home Committee. As the first founding member from the office furniture industry, Lamex will work with and others members from other industries like Renhao Furniture from Smart Home industry, “Softide” and “Xilinmen” from the Intelligent Mattress Industry, “Zuoyou” and “Louvre” from the Intelligent Sofa Industry, etc, are linking with global high-quality ICT technology enterprises to work on the development of ICT smart furniture and technology. For the great future of the Chinese Intelligent Market, Lamex is dedicated to creating an Intelligent “Neighbourhood Community”.

The most advanced design and the best manufacturing of office chair to create the best work style

Workplace is no longer an environment that only supports works. Instead, a modern workplace should be warm and humanized and provide the perfect balance of works and lives. Lamex is the 2nd time being invited to participate in the 21st Century Best International Office Chair Exhibition, which had showcase the collection of office chair of the best designs from the world’s top furniture companies. It is aimed at providing the opportunity for visitors to experience the finest products and the spirit of craftsmanship from the world. Last year, Lamex exhibited the Acuity by the designer of Bruce Fifield and #19 by Marcus Koepke. This year, Lamex has exhibited Mimeo which is designed to move with you. Created for today’s active workplace, active workstyles, and active sitting, Mimeo is responsive and supportive of your every move. It is as light and flexible as a tennis racket. Its mesh backrest makes it have good breathability and durability. It hugs you. Embraces you. Envelops you. No matter your task. No matter your size or shape.  Mimeo is by far one of the best office chair in the world.

As the collaborative furniture solution by Lamex, Playces is designed for many areas, like home, hotel, airport lounge area, café, restaurant and office. With the technology advancement, Playces allows people to, work, play and rest, everywhere. In 2021 SZCW, AECOM, Studio HBA and JLL collaborates to create a Design Hub Box for to showcase their future workplace concept. The Playces collection by Lamex is selected to co-create display in the Design Box of with Studio HBA and JLL to interpret the future space design. The Design Box by Studio HBA is to extract various forms of hexagonal elements through the chemical process of cell healing.  After the process of condensation healing, cocoon breaking and regression, we break through difficulties and traditions.  Create a new working environment and interesting life mode.  Space Designers believe the future work mode should be focus on “human”.  The office should be more interesting and personalized.  The integration of office and life increase the emotional belonging of office atmosphere. This design approach is the perfect match with the design concept of Playces – “Work & Play & Rest, everywhere”.  

Internet was born in the last century, and office was expected to vanish. However, offices are now at everywhere. Our workplaces and work styles are changing. AI and Internet allow people to work any time and anywhere. The epidemic redefines our work style and workplace and reinforces relationship of the workforce. The “Neighbourhood Community” by Lamex allows people to get connected with greater communications and attention, more healthy and sustainable, more freedom and flexible, more intelligent efficiency and more advanced AI technologies. We believe that “people-oriented” will remain as the core of our designs, no matter what the future workplace trend will become and how technology and AI will develop.