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23 March, 2021

CIFF IFO x Lamex | 2030+ IFO (International Future Office) Exhibition | Let’s meet at IFO galaxy



Lamex as an international office furniture brand was invited to join the CIFF 2030+ IFO exhibition and will participate in the “Dialogue” section of the IFO booth. Lamex will present the concept of “Neighborhood Community” and Playces collection to express the ideas of the future workplace.

Lamex repositions future workplace as “Neighborhood Community”, which promotes employees’ perception of corporate culture, fosters communication, teamwork and creativity within the organization. The future workplace model will become more agile and create a hybrid working culture of home office, co-working and remote work outside office.

Playces is a series of collaborative furniture, which is designed for working everywhere like home, hotel, airport lounge, café, restaurant and our workplace.  Its unique design and application of latest technologies enable people to work, play and rest. In CIFF 2021, Lamex will showcase a the new products – Boulevard Spine, Coves in IFO.  From 28 Mar, 2021 to 31 Mar, 2021, Lamex invites you to visit IFO Planet at Hall 9.3, Booth B18. Don’t miss it.


This exhibition with the slogan of “Breathe to create future” is described as a living exhibition which illustrates the creative imagination of the future workplace. It combines wisdom and humanity to present the ideas of the future workplace in the most amazing way.

“Breathing” is existence of life. It is rhythm.  It is give and take.  It is the meditation and desire of the universe.  It is breaking the rules. 

International Future Office exhibition (IFO)

28th-31st March, 2021

2030+ International Future Office exhibition (IFO)

The 47th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)

Themed as “Breathe”.  We invite you to IFO Planet to image and exchange ideas and reshape the form of future workplace.

2030+ International Future Office exhibition (IFO) is the core theme exhibition of the CIFF. IFO is aimed at inspiring and leading the industry on future work models from the viewpoints of designs and humanity to a new chapter. IFO will make use of the latest technologies and multimedia to create an immersive environment that stimulates thinking and exploration.

Breathe to create future

In the short sci-fi novel “Breathe” by Ted Jiang says: “All my desires and meditations are the air that the universe slowing exhales.  Air is precisely the medium of our thinking, and our thinking is the mode of airflow.”  It highlights the theme of this exhibition – “Breathe”. Breathing is essential for all animals on this planet. Have you ever thought that breathing may become the new way of communication in the future when it can expand to the universe? The relationship changes in individual, groups, communities, offices, architectures, and boundary triggered by breathing will evolve a brand new future. 

If 2020 marks the dramatic change of workplaces, then 2021 will mark a break-through in the development for workplaces. The connotation of workplace is expanding, technology is driving aesthetics to change, and arts is developing in the scene of workplaces. Innovation becomes the new norm. That is why we need to judge, interpret, promote and transform our work models a.

“Breathing” reshapes our future. In the future, we expect to break the boundaries and expand in the directions of AI, remoteness, material renewal and sense of experience.  The IFO 2021 is comprised of 6 main elements sections: Exist, Dialogue, O Cell, Boundaries, Technology Social and Breathe Outwards.  Many international and national brands are invited to attend to explore and share their views on the development of the future workplaces from the perspectives of human behavior, diversified work modes and environment, interpersonal distance and workplace reshape, technology integration and advancements.

The Stars illuminate the universe

In the post-pandemic period, the traditional work models have changed and transformed completely and office furniture brands have also made changes accordingly. By exploration of behavior, workplace, space and environment, we have insights into workplace trends and discover close connection between human and the stars in the universe. In the IFO, people will be guided to explore the future workplace constructed by wisdom and insights, and also more information and inspiration will be provided for everyone through “breathing” divergence.

In 2030+IFO, you will find:

International brands of office furniture


The classic design symbols


The new brands of office furniture


The top brands of the Global Supply Chain


The brands from other industries


Our youth and energy are always admired by senior citizen, while our mass and mobility are admired by the earth and moon. We may ask ourselves what is reality and how the future look like. The organizer of 2030+ IFO are dedicated to answering your questions by creating an amazing event and exhibition with unique experience and concept where you can explore and get inspired.

We have held on to the extraordinary 2020.  But we look forward to better results in 2021. We will see each other in 2030+ IFO.

Tracing the source of breath

The 47th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) is held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on 18th to 21st March and 28th to 31st March. With the management and strong support of China Foreign Trade Centre, CIFF is positioned as the intermediate platform to drive creativity and design across industries and drive connection and communication between China and the rest of the world. The organizer had run a roadshow with different supporting units in December 2020 in different cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Bazhong and Zunyi, etc, to promote the new positioning of CIFF and the ideas of the 2021 CIFF.

2030+IFO will be held in Zone B, Hall 9.3, Booth B18. The booth has 1000 to demonstrate the most creative shape of the future workplace. IFO is the abbreviation for International Future Office, representing the spirit of exploring concept, forms and designs of the future workplace trends. IFO may also stand for “If office……”, aiming to guide audience to perceive themselves and expand  imagination and inspiration of “all possible future workplace”. We sincerely invite you to join our amazing journey in the IFO. 

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements to  ensure the safety of all visitors, IFO is now open for pre-registration. You may scan the QR code to enter the registration platform, follow the steps and screenshot the successful registration interface. You will be able to enter the venue with your ID.