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5 July, 2022

Come and Join Lamex Multi-Experience Workplace


From July 25th to 28th, 2022, "Shenzhen Creative Week and the 37th Shenzhen International Architecture Design and Art Exhibition" (SZCW) will showcase the latest space design, furniture and soft decoration parts in the field of office, education, health and culture with high standards.  The exhibition is focusing on practitioners in the commercial real estate, public decoration design, art design ecosystem, and presenting forward-looking space design and space solutions for the purpose of experience, dissemination and communication.

The theme of 2022 Shenzhen International Architecture Design and Art Exhibition (SZCW) will be "Remodeling and Reconstruction".  The current post-epidemic era has not only created people's demand for open space, but has also completely rewritten the rules for the use of traditional architectural spaces that makes the demand to be multi-dimensional.  Design agencies and designers should fully utilize technology and space flexibility, make attentive to people's health and safety, and focus on creating a diverse, flexible and intelligent architectural space.  At the same time, it is necessary to work with furniture suppliers to think about how to meet the new needs of users for office, education and healthy environment through innovative design of space and furniture.

Under this theme, the Office, Education and Healthcare section of 2022 Shenzhen International Architecture Design and Art Exhibition will be held in Hall 5.  Bring together world well-known brands in the field of office education, health, culture, art, etc. to demonstrate reconstruction of space planning, product production methods and enterprise operation models.  Not only to showcase world well-known brands and their latest products, but also to provide a high-end dialogue and valuable platform for architecture design and art ecosystem.   This enables architectural design, space environment design, furniture and other industries can get wider attention and dissemination, and being promote the latest development and trend exploration of the whole industry chain of workspace.

Lamex once again participates Shenzhen Creative Week, aiming to gain insight into future working models, environmental development and trends in the field of office environment, and to share cutting-edge workspace concepts, thinking, knowledge, design cases, etc., to help the business of office environment.

Lamex Multi Experiential Workplace Foresees Future Design Trend

Lamex participates in this exhibition to advocate activity-based working (ABW), wellness and smart office, further demonstrating the most forwarding workspace concepts.  ABW advocates flexibility and agility, providing employees with an environment where they can share a variety of work facilities.  This type of working environment can support different type of work activities, creating a more intelligent workplace and optimizing the allocation of resources.

In response to the rapid development of smart technologies, Lamex advocates that our new workplace has to deliver diversity in experiences to enhance work outcomes.  With this aim in mind, Lamex has elaborately arranged the exhibition area - a landscape of many variable settings, each delivering a micro experience tailored to serve work activities, enhance work outcomes from creativity to speed in problem-solving and sustaining enjoyment of the work journey.

Design Workbox: Perkins Eastman X Lamex

Lamex will participate in the workbox section created by the world famous architectural firm Perkins Eastman, which aims to envision N forms of the future work environment through design.  The design theme of Perkins Eastman's workbox is about "flow into the environment" to create a flexible, inspiring workspace that integrates advanced technologies, encourages collaboration and meets diverse needs.  It aims to draw attention and awareness to the impact of the work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, identify key issues in changing trends, and help inspire audiences to rediscover their surroundings and imagine future workplace engagement, contribution and expectations.

Explore from trend exploration to business empowerment on the officially upgraded Shenzhen International Architecture Design and Art Exhibition from Jul 25 to 28, 2022.  Lamex, as a leading brand in the office furniture industry, will present the ABW concept and perfect workspace solutions to you.  It will also invite industry celebrities as special guests for the Lamex design forum on Jul 25 and 26 to discuss the future trend of workspaces.  Lamex sincerely invites you to join the exhibition, see new products, join design forums, and share diverse experiences.