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19 October, 2022

COMET | A Refined Silhouette


Conference room is the main communication area in workplace, and every detail affects the efficiency of communication and coordination.

The new product series of Lamex—— Comet, with a concise and elegant design, incorporates innovative metal element, and combines with multiple functions to take care of your every need with detail in different scenarios of meeting, collaboration and negotiation.

Minimalist Silhouettes, Exquisite Elegance

Simple, stylish, active, smart and exquisitely designed —— thoughtful details blend with a sleek, sturdy base, matched with fashionable metal elements. Comet shows its unique characteristic and brings a refined and extraordinary style to conference space.

Comet, combined with the light and slender steel base with sleek shape, is agile with activity, and full of tension. Its refined and tasteful qualities are highlighted with the use of metallic texture. There is a variety of bases for you to choose from, including simple but striking stainless steel, neutral low-key stone and classic frosted black to match different atmospheres of different workplaces. Additionally, Comet uses natural veneer, integrated with various worktop edges and materials, to create the unique and exquisite experience in conference space with craftsmanship.

Efficient Collaboration, Perfect Functionality

Comet is designed to be minimalist but not simple. Whether it is a conference table, a meeting table or a collaborative table, they are all equipped with different heights and sizes. Different power managements can be selected to form a perfect functional combo to meet various meeting needs comprehensively. Hence, Comet is able to switch activities quickly from conference table to meeting table, shared work bench or multi-functional table with great flexibility.  

Furthermore, Comet features a curved power island in order to increase the aesthetics. It helps to conceal the power cable with an intuitive interface for convenient rugged power needs. In addition, Comet presents versatile possibilities for practical needs of different circumstances by offering multiple options in detail.

The ingenious design of Comet expanded imaginations and larger layout, channeling a universal setting that brings people together.  Comet can perfectly fit with different working environments from meetings and collaborations, to brainstorming and socializing.

Choose Comet for its extraordinary design. With its smart flexibility for combination and space adaptability, Comet is the perfect integration of aesthetics and efficiency in modern workplace.