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8 March, 2021

Design Forum - "Merge", by SZCW and Lamex

Corporate , Design Trends

This year in the Shenzhen Creative Week Workplace Exhibition, Lamex has joined with the famous designer – Mr. ZhaoXiong, a famous fashion brand – Marisfrolg, a famous coffee brand – Kotora Café and the famous floral design brand – Mazza, to co-operate a dynamic café and workplace in the booth of “NO COFFEENO WORK!”.  Lamex will also organize a Theme Forum of “Merge”, which will invite a number of famous designers in the industry to share their viewpoints on the development of the future workplace. With the design concept of “Work & Play & Rest” of Playces Collection, Lamex will demonstrate a series of furniture that is suitable for workplace, home, hotel, airport lounge, café and restaurant. See New Products, join Design Forums and taste a cup of coffee in the booth 7D09.

Space Design - How to restructure and lead to the development of future workplaces trend.

Shenzhen Creative Week, Lamex, Media- Workplace Design
17th March (Wednesday), 14:00 – 16:00
Booth: 7D09, Shenzhen Creative Week

Under the influence by COVID-19, our work style is changing dramatically. Although Work-From-Home Concept is now widely used across industries, our employees are not satisfied. And they do not tend to work from 9am to 5pm anymore.

Our workplaces now tend to be more diverse and scattered. The average area of workplaces are getting smaller, while advocating to be more agile and social. Remote working and communication are more valued. Companies are switching their focus from “Work Location” to “Work Purpose”. Hybrid work styles drive changes to space designs and furniture designs. Space designers and furniture supplier should conduct in-depth discussions on future working methods to adjust their space and product design concept and lead to a chapter of the industry developments.

Guest Speaker:

1) Vera Lee
Studio HBA, 
Project Director

2) Yaching Hsueh
Robarts Spaces, Associate Partner/ Design Director

3) Gia Tan
WeWork, The Representative of Shenzhen Social Group

4) Marc Fong
Lamex, Design Director

Inclusive design in hybrid work mode

Shenzhen Creative Week, Lamex, Media- Workplace Design
18th March (Thursday), 14:00 – 16:00
Booth: 7D09, Shenzhen Creative Week

When the hybrid work model of remote working, work-from-home and work-in-the-office become the new normal, our work modes and workplace locations are more diverse and scattered. Employees are sometimes in greater needs for mobility and teamwork., They believe “Flexibility”, “Mobility”, “Customization”, “Social-ability” are the elements to meet their diversified needs in the future workplace. Inclusive design is therefore urgent and important.

Inclusive design is not only an important method of space design. It can also be used as a tactic to create an inclusive workplace with equality for all employees, foster innovation and improve productivity. This design method becomes a tool to bridge the gap between employees in workplace and promote a culture of equality.  It is a great significance of interior designers and office furniture practitioners, and also an important topic that we need to think deeply about.

Guest Speaker:

1) Sophie Guo
M-Moser, Senior Strategic Space Designer

2) Keyan Guo
M-Moser, Strategic Space Designer

3) Flora Lan
TOP Innovation Laboratory, Executive Director

4) Min Wei
SPARK, General Manager - China

5) Marc Fong
Lamex  Design Director