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19 August, 2020

Duplex | The standing revolution is more than just physical.



Standing up to work is proven to improve our physical well-being leading to enhanced energy and concentration at work. Beyond physical, providing people with option for movement and control over our own space, boosts our mental well-being – we simply feel better, and more engaged.

In order to create products of better quality, designers and companies always strive for revolutions and breakthrough in material and craftsmanship. But, innovation is just more than that. Lamex is dedicated to providing great office furniture solutions. In addition to pursuing high quality materials and craftsmanship, Lamex creates and continues to enhance the workplace concept of “Neighbourhood”.  Duplex Height-Adjustable Desk is one of newly launched product for the “Neighbourhood Community”. Duplex is featured to support sit-stand working style. When the surface is raised, it becomes a standing workstation and standing conference table, quickly transforming the space from a personal workstation into a meeting area and a collaborative area. Duplex is designed to lead the way we transform our workplace.

Evolutional Design

Duplex is inspired by circular aesthesis without corners and sharp angles. Duplex invites our eyes with soft edges, supple contours and an alluring simplicity embodying physical and spiritual wellness. A contoured chassis with accent colored sports trim is featured to add more colours and visual elements to provide better style.