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25 June, 2019

Green office starts here!

Corporate , Design Trends , Product

Work takes up most of our daily lives and we often spend more time at the office than we do at home. As both the good features and the bad aspects of our office space can directly affect our mood, productivity and even health, companies now rely more and more on workplace professionals to design the ideal office space.

In recent years, many companies and interior designers have paid much attention on creating safe, healthy, and green workplaces. In addition to adding green elements such as plants in the lobby, wall of flowers and large glass canopies, green furniture is also emerging as a popular contemporary design element.

Green furniture refers not only to furniture that uses environmentally friendly raw materials but also to furniture that has been manufactured using green production processes and that does not release harmful organic chemicals. In order to enable all its employees to live and work in a green and healthy workplace, Lamex completed the upgrade and transformation of its Dongguan Production Center in 2018 to embrace the concept of "green production” to reduce the environmental impact of production. In addition, Lamex also implemented a series of continuous improvement measures to enhance its green manufacturing practices: our central dust extraction system lower the dust pollution across processing by separating and filtering clean air; a waste water filtering system is installed in the painting production line, so water can be reused; old motors are modified with efficient engines to reduce energy consumption; waste management are improved to reduce the amount of landfill needed etc. All of these measures have solidified the company’s position as a leading low-energy furniture company.

Many of our office furniture products have been awarded the international GreenGuard certification and GreenGuard gold certification, which prove that these products are in compliance with international indoor organic chemical emission standards and thus harmless to the human body. Using certified furniture to create a long-lasting, healthy workplace also helps demonstrate a firm’s commitment to its social responsibility and to the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees.