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27 April, 2021

Infini | Inspire Your Workplace


“Work, play and rest, everywhere” is a popular concept of collaborative works. It merges different areas, fosters collaborations and creativity, and increases workplace efficiency. To enrich the experience of collaborative works, Lamex launches Infini collaborative series of Sizza.

Infini is a complete series of collaborative furniture. It is designed to serve the purpose of collaborative work, quick meeting and privacy area, and to create a comfortable and natural work area to foster employees’ creativity and raise the suitable corporate culture for you.

Infini’s style and aesthetics suit lobbies, offices, waiting rooms, collaborative zones and common public space.

In this article, we will show you the ability of Infini to create corporate culture and foster employees’ creativity with its modularity design.

Elevate your collaborative workspaces

Infini curates contented workplace through inviting comfort and aesthetics design. Whether it’s individual or collaborative, flexibility, privacy and functionality combine to elevate workspaces.

Lobby/ Reception Area

Lobby and reception are not only the first area in touch with customers and employees, but also a collaborative area. Infini provides aesthetic and colorful products for you to design and create a particular area to satisfy your needs for a lobby and a reception. In the Infini’s solution, you will be able to reinforce the space utilization and foster collaboration and inspiration within your organziation.

Work Area

To allow employees to enjoy privacy for personal works, phone meeting and small-group-meeting, we can set up phone booths and Lounge Suites in the work area.

Social and Meeting Area

A good social and meeting area is aimed at providing comfort for guests and employees, so that they will feel relaxed and be more willing to achieve during the meeting. The Infini series of Sizza has a wide range of color choices and aesthetics, which is designed to make your workplace more agile, look vigorous and effective for collaboration.

By putting sofas of Infini in suitable configurations, we can create privacy for different meetings, creating a perfect meeting area for guests and employees.