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2 April, 2020

Lamex | The Expert of Medical Furniture System Solutions


Given the rapid economic developments, advancement of digital technologies, and the increasing living quality of Chinese people, the demand for high quality and reliable medical services in China is soaring significantly. On the other hand, the aging population in China posts another direct stimulation to the demand of high quality medical services. Therefore, many international and local medical groups have been attracted to operate different types of medical centres and organizations that has driven the need for quality medical furniture solutions across the country.

In response to the increasing market need, Lamex has launched its very first medical furniture solution.  Medical furniture requires a high level of profession, complexity and customization. The Lamex professional team will communicate and in-depth discuss with users to understand the needs of medical institutions for medical system furniture, develop overall project plans, create layout design and provide comprehensive and professional medical furniture solutions to meet users' functional and psychological needs.