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15 May, 2019

Lamex Tmall Shop is officially opened on 16 May!


Let’s celebrate the official opening of Lamex Tmall Shop

Since 1977, Lamex is dedicated in providing sustainable and quality office furniture. Over the past 42 years, our dedication has made us widely recognized and won the trust of clients around the world. To provide a fast, convenient online purchase experience for customers in China, the Lamex Tmall Shop is now officially opened to let you pick your ideal office furniture and have it delivered directly to your home or workplace.

As a leading brand in the furniture industry, Lamex only does what values. To celebrate the opening of our Tmall Shop, we now provide you with a basket of gifts and offers.


Gift 1

Enjoy up to 30% off discount


Gift 2

 Enjoy 6 surprise prizes

No.1: Follow our shop and share to your friends, you will be given a 200 cash coupon for any RMB1,000 purchase.

No. 2: For any purchase of at least RMB3,999, a RMB100 Starbucks Gift Card will be given for free.

No. 3: RMB150 off for any purchase of RMB1,000; RMB450 off for any purchase of RMB3,000; RMB750 off for any purchase of RMB5,000; RMB1,500 off for any purchase of RMB10,000.

No. 4: Spend over RMB10,000 for a single product, a set of Apple Airpod 2 will be given for free. (The free gift is valued RMB1,350; Limited for the first 5 purchases)

No. 5: Spend over RMB1,999, comment with 5pcs of pictures, a cash red pocket of RMB100 will be given.

No. 6: For any purchase of Ease Task Chair , a headrest will be given for free. (The headrest is valued RMB259; Limited for the first 50 purchases)


Gift 3

Combo Products Promotion: You Pick, We Give


Gift 4

Special Offers for specific selections

(Any coupon can be redeemed on these offers)