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2 September, 2022

Lamex Won Three Awards in Office Furniture Industry


Procurement and Bidding Website of China( was established and launched in 1999. In the next year, NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) authorized as the only official website to issue tender announcements. For many years, Procurement and Bidding Website of China has built close cooperative relations with thousands of companies and bidding agencies across the country, and has become a highly authoritative and influential online media and e-commerce platform in the field of domestic bidding and public procurement.

The selection process of China Procurement and Bidding Website was very strict and meticulous. Many applications were submitted in the field of office furniture industry. After multiple screening, Lamex won three awards at one time:

Top 10 Leading Enterprises of Furniture Suppliers in 2021-2022

As one of the top ten leading furniture suppliers, Lamex is well-deserved for this award. Lamex was established in Hong Kong in 1977. With its many years of persistent efforts, it has established as a market leader in the production and sales of office furniture in mainland China and Hong Kong. Lamex is an enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, testing, training and workplace design and planning. By setting up showrooms and sales branches in key markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, and developing a nationwide dealer network, Lamex can provide customers with effective workplace solutions that incorporate international trends with local needs, to achieve localized support and services with our global capabilities.

Top 10 Green Leading Brands in Furniture Industry in 2021-2022

In the regard of the top ten green leading brands, Lamex adheres to lean management and adopts environmentally friendly production technologies and materials to continuously reduce its impact on the environment. Lamex has comprehensive smart manufacturing capabilities, integrated with advanced equipment and self-developed Manufacturing Execution System. On the basis of ensuring efficiency and quality, it can more flexibly handle the production of customized orders and mixed products that help to reduce energy consumption and waste. It also achieves zero emissions and zero pollution through the treatment and monitoring system of energy saving, waste gas and sewage.

Lamex possess a number of professional certifications for production, materials, products and services. It has a stringent quality assurance system and supplier monitoring and rating system featuring checks and balances throughout the manufacturing processes to ensure that products pass ISO certification, Greenguard Gold Certification and complies with North American ANSI/BIFMA and other quality standards. All materials and products are certified by independent third-party professional testing agencies to ensure the best quality that can meet customers’ requirements.


Top 10 Workspace Solution Providers of Office Furniture in 2021-2022

Lamex is also deserved the award of Top 10 Workspace Solution Providers of Office Furniture. Lamex adheres to original design and advocates activity-based working (ABW), wellness and smart office to meet the needs of customers, providing customized workplace solutions to meet customers'  evolving business needs.

Lamex knowledgeable space solution design team engages the customers in an active, co-creative design process that incorporates customer’s needs and aspiration into the perfect workplace solution. The design process includes workplace visits and carefully listening to discussions with those who work in these places.  Lamex wants to make sure the perfect workplace solution which provided is the result of thorough understanding of the customer’s culture, brand, and business strategies, as well as their needs and aspirations. The flexible workplace solution will not only meet the ever-changing daily needs of customers, but also create an environment that inspires better performance of employees.

Lamex has remained steadfast in strong commitment to the office furniture market, to loyal customers, to committed partners and to dedicated members. Lamex is your trusted and reliable partner to deliver you a great place to work. Winning the three authoritative awards is not a destination, but to motivate to make every effort for serving customers!