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24 June, 2022

Lamex Won Two Office Furniture Industry Awards


In order to promote the culture of "integrity, fairness, and rule of law" to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, green consumption and quality life, the furniture associations of ten provinces and cities including Beijing, Shandong, Hebei carried out "Famous Brands of Environmental Furniture in Ten Provinces and Cities" activity, and the furniture associations of eighteen provinces and cities including Beijing, Jiangsu, Tianjin and Hunan carried out “Integrity Furniture Enterprises in China's Eighteen Provinces and Cities" activity.

After the jointly evaluation by furniture associations, they believed that high quality Lamex products, consideration of customers needs, well-known brand, and its sustainable development are the key to success and being a model in the industry.  Hence, Lamex was awarded the "Famous Brand of Environmental Furniture in Ten Provinces and Cities in China in 2022".

Lamex committed to sustainable development. Fully adopt sustainable production technologies & materials, zero emissions and pollutions.  All materials & products are certified by independent third-party professional testing agencies to ensure the best quality.  Lamex has possessed a number of professional certifications for production, materials, products and services, including Greenguard Gold certifications.

In addition, by the evaluation of "Integrity Furniture Enterprises of China's Eighteen Provinces and Cities", the furniture associations believed that Lamex has a good reputation, safeguard the interests of the industry and consumers, and the quality assurance and after-sales service system are deeply recognized and trusted by consumers.

Lamex has a strong commitment to legal and ethical business practices and is committed to achieving business goals through individual and collective integrity. Customized policies reflect Lamex’s corporate culture and values, ensuring that the most important principles and requirements are clearly communicated to, and followed by, members and partners.  Lamex believes in collective gain for our customers, investors, members, suppliers and communities.  It believes customers want the same thing we want—to be treated honestly with fairness and respect, and believes in constructive discontent and examining what we can do better.

All these efforts reflect Lamex's integrity, fairly and openly to meet customer needs, and recognized as a role model in the industry.   Therefore, Lamex was awarded the honor of "Integrity Furniture Enterprise in China's 18 Provinces and Cities in 2022".

To sum up, Lamex is being encouraged and felt the corporate responsibility on shoulder.  It will further enhance its standards and requirements for the future journey.  As a trusted leading office furniture provider, Lamex upholds the belief and practices the business behavior of "business ethics" and "business benefits", and commits to deliver a great place to work that is flexible to meet customers’ evolving business needs.