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12 December, 2019

Longhouse - Application


Longhouse is a comprehensive solution of design, functions and application, dedicated to creating effective and beloved workplace.

Designed and built by Lamex, Longhouse is the very first Neighborhood Community Solution in the industry. Longhouse is officially launched and taking a roadshow tour in China. In the last WeChat post, we introduced the design concept of Longhouse and our Neighborhood Communities. In this WeChat post, we will present you the product features and application solutions of Longhouse.

Aesthetic Engineering

Longhouse’s 30mm steel-tube offers an adaptive post structure. Posts are inserted into each other to offer height and create surfaces. Longhouse elements such as shelter, screen, surface and structure exist at varying elevations beautifully, ideal for all manner of work.

Creating Neighborhood Communities

A wellbeing neighborhood community, social spaces to connect and interact –Longhouse is ideal for individual or group work, allowing you to focus, collaborate, rest and recharge. Engagement and community satisfaction leads to more efficient use of time, balancing work, play and rest for a thriving and productive community.


Working alone or together, the bench allows shifts in work modes, for standup meetings pair-based work on task-based demands and with focused collaboration.


Sit down or standup, with the relaxed, collaborative high bench. Perfect for creative collaboration, socialized sharing, learning and remote conferencing.

Rest, Relax and Recharge

Rest and recharge in the clam shelter – ideal for relaxed conversations, as well as a retreat for reflection and nourishment of spirit.

Versatile Workplace Configurations

Longhouse is designed to create different workplace configurations by having different product combinations to satisfy the needs of different teams and communities. Having configured furniture and environments, Longhouse is able to provide the most suitable Neighborhood Community Solution for different workplaces.

Longhouse Bench provides a versatility to satisfy the needs of expansion, contraction and reconfiguration, which allows creating as many configurations as you need.

One of the features of Longhouse is the seamless connection of Work Area, Conference Area and Collaborative Area. In each area, Longhouse provides sufficient supports and functions. In the personal working area, the fabric center and modesty screens of Longhouse offer easy focus with zero distractions, allowing people to focus on their personal tasks.

Collaboration is now available in personal working area. The innovative feature – Shared Surface, allows instant sharing and small meeting, and also allows you to stand during the meeting to improve active health. With the shared surface, you now can focus on your personal tasks without compromising communications and social connections.

In a collaborative workplace, Longhouse creates an open workplace to foster a close and effective communication between people, and generate a friendly and happy ambience in the workplace, which also drives a higher productivity for the corporate.

It is the trend to add Green Elements into the interior. With planters, Longhouse supports to bring sufficient greenery for your workplace. It lets staff experience the comforts of home at work to help them reduce stress and anxiety, creating a relaxed environment for them.

In Longhouse, you can blend work, play and rest seamlessly to brings together individuals and teams to work at their strongest, maximizing productivity and efficiency.