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19 April, 2022

Origyn | Responsive Seating for Interactive Learning


“Agile”, “Mobile” and “Dynamic” are the most popular words used in the modern community.  In the big data era, information is decentralized and ever-changing. Our works and lives become dynamic and fast, which drives us for a mobile and dynamic workplace to satisfy our needs. As a pioneer of workplace solution, Lamex has launched lots of popular workplace solutions and furniture to meet the evolving changing of environment.  Lamex is launched a new multifunctional office chair – Origyn, which is designed for mobility and agility.

Origyn is a stylish, multipurpose chair made for those dynamic environments built on effective communication and shared collaboration. Agile and adaptable, it effortlessly switches from interactive learning to active team settings and intensive workshops, empowering workforces to adjust to on-demand spaces and work more efficiently.

Easily Adapted to Energetic Workplaces

Whether focused at your desk, settling in deep thought or sliding over to a colleague for a quick discussion – Origyn effortlessly adapts to workplace activities, through its comfortable, causal seating. Its’s striking contoured shape instills a sense of passion into energetic work environments.

Multicolored for Brighter Workplaces

Both stylish and multifunctional, Origyn is offered in 2 styles, four-leg and work chair, ideal for todays’s fluid workplaces to adapt from casual meetings to focused group discussions. Available with or without writing tables, its range of colors extend from sophisticated neutral tones to vibrant, lively accents to brighten workplaces.