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12 December, 2019

Passion and Bravery


As an increasing number of sports enthusiasts eagerly seek fresh and interesting challenges, the Olympic Games recently added five new disciplines to its global competition agenda, including rock climbing, skateboarding and surfing. So let’s talk a little bit about climbing, the so-called “ballet on rock”.

In 2019, Jones Lang LaSalle introduced its first sports-related sponsorship in the Asia Pacific region to help young rock climbers achieve their vision on a global stage. On October 19th, the Jones Lang LaSalle Climbing Challenge Shanghai Station was successfully held. Hosted in Shanghai’s futuristic rock climbing arena and organized by chief media partner Tencent News (Shanghai), the event was also supported by Lamex, The North Face, Big 3 Media, UHAVEFUN and E9.

Lamex Joins the Bouldering Team competition

More than 300 professional rock climbers and sports enthusiasts from the Yangtze River Delta region gathered as more than 100 participants joined the competition. The challenge consisted of two competitions, the Individual Speed Challenge and the Bouldering Team Competition. Four members of Lamex participated in the Bouldering competition.

The bouldering and rock-climbing competitions were carried out on a rock wall with a height of approximately 4.5 meters. Protected by a bouldering pad, climbers escalated the wall without restraining ropes , making climbing more creative in terms of both methods and moves. Generally, 4 to 6 routes were set for each round. As the course is short and demanding, climbers need a mix of explosive power and flexibility to succeed.

Amidst fierce competition, members of Lamex’s team went to watch the competition on Saturday to cheer for Lamex’s contestants.

The Speed Climbing Competition took place on a rock wall approximately 15 meters tall. Tied to a rope for protection, climbers compete on a series of designated routes. Similar to a 100-meter race in track and field, the competition is intense and dynamic.

Awards Ceremony

A total of 10 prizes were awarded, including Bouldering Team’s Champion, Runner-Up and First Runner-Up and Speed Individual’s Champion, Runner-Up and First Runner-Up for men and for women, as well as Best Dressed Team Awards. Alex Chan, Lamex’ general manager of the East and West Regions, presented the Bouldering Team awards.

Experience center and Rest Station

Besides enjoying the competitions, audience had access to a series of experience centers dubbed the Rest Station. Throughout the competition, both competitors and members of the audience can take a rest on comfortable sofa seating sponsored by Lamex, where they can also recharge their mobile phones.