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1 June, 2023

Perch | Elegant Curves Bursting with Inspiration


The collaborative spaces are important areas for efficient communication and inspiration in the workplace. As modern workplace layouts and requirements continue to evolve, employees increasingly desire diverse and flexible spaces that can accommodate various work needs such as efficient communication, recreation and entertainment.


Adoptive Modularity

Perch’s contoured sofa collection features captivating lines and subtle curves, to foster collaborations and interactions. Perch presents a comprehensive collection of modular sofa solutions. Its flexible modular design is configured to space needs, with various shapes from river bends to horseshoe formations as well as circular sofa clusters. Additionally, Perch is available in low-back, high-back, duo side ledge, three-set Perch Diner and bar sofa options, which can be paired with a variety of seat fabrics to complement different office offices, enhancing the aesthetics of commercial spaces and bringing a new experience.

Low back sofa, High back circular sofa with rear ledge, High back sofa with rear ledge, Diner with Daily round table, Low back 4P duo side ledge, Bar sofa with LX2


Perch Ledge sofa sits comfortably in window aisles and corridor, presenting space dividers that visually create boundaries. Window seating allows relaxation against open settings, with side ledges holding green planters and personal items. Daily oblong table meanwhile, is ideal for note taking or dining, its secluded space made for socializing.

Perch Diner features three sets of high-back sofas clusters, each facing different directions, for seating comfortable and interruption-free. Elegant metal legs are light, and an artificial planter creates a natural ambiance, while Daily round tables allow work and dining settings seamlessly adapted to make you enjoy delightful working environment. Perch Diner ecological island creates open environment that not only brings colleagues closer together, but also encourages efficient communication and interaction.

Perch’s high and low back sofa can meet the privacy needs of different places, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace, that allows employees to relax and recharge, relieve stress, promote interaction and smooth communication, and inspire new ideas.


Elegant and Practical Accessories

Perch sofa collection is equipped with convenient and tidy power management. The easily reached power supply provides long-lasting charging support for daily work, meetings, negotiations, entertainment and other office functions. Perch sofa comes with rear ledges, side ledges, rear planters, bottom shelves and footrest to meet the aesthetic and practical needs of the office space.

Power management, Rear ledge, Side ledge, Rear planter, Bottom shelf and footrest


Comfortable Design with Flexibility

Perch can also be widely used in restaurants, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, airports and other public areas to create a leisure open space that is different from traditional settings.

In the process of constructing the dining spaces, the combination of different shapes and vivid colors of Perch sofas brings a fresh texture and vitality to the space, creating a stylish and highly shareable space that adapts to the diverse purposes of various areas.

Modern hotels focus more on providing customers with immersive experience. Public areas such as the hotel lobbies provide customers with a space for leisure and relaxation. Perch sofa with soft and comfortable texture injects a sense of design and sophistication into the hotel, allowing customers to enjoy an interactive and homely atmosphere.

As an important transportation hub, airport is an essential place for passengers where providing pleasant spatial experience for countless passengers is of utmost importance. In the public area of the airports, Perch bar sofas create an intimate and open recreational space in people-oriented way for passengers to take a short break in their journey. It enables an easy transition between sitting and standing social patterns to enhance the comfort level of passengers.

Perch sofa collection combines comfort, practicability and aesthetic functions, making it ideal for creating charming and versatile spaces, from touchdown terminals to meeting areas, focus nooks to concourse hubs. It caters the needs of individual or teams, effectively promoting teamwork and interaction.