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5 February, 2021

Preview | Let’s talk with designs and see you in Shenzhen in March


The year of 2020 has opened a new question of how to live in an unprecedented situation confronted by pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unexpected situation for all human, in which we need to adapt a new form of living and working style to live with the virus. While the virus is creating anxiety & uncertainty when spreading, it makes us to come together and get stronger to together to find new ways of living and working. It also confronts the workplace development to a brand new direction. Since The 1st Shenzhen Creative Week (Workplace) in August 2020, it has already disclosed the importance of multi-dimensional thinking to create a perfect future workplace, which cares for the physical and psychological needs of human.

01. The Workplace Box &  Design Group

Booth No.: 7B12 & 7D09 & 7A15

Our lives and works have been reformed and reordered because of the Virus. However, the uncertainty of the future still makes people feel tired and anxious. According to the latest reports and studies, 2020 is the most uncertain year, while 78% of people in the office have the most amount of uncertainty at works and lives. It has highlighted the importance of resolving the psychological needs of human in the workplace, helping employees retrieve their confidence. In 2021, AECOM, Studio HBA and JLL join together to create a sample room for the future workplace. The Playces collection by Lamex is selected to help provide the best collaborative solution for the future workplace.


Lamex creates a good photographing spot for you!

Café is no longer a coffee area for people to make friends, it is now a place for young generation to recharge and refresh. “NO COFFEE, NO WORK!” the international provider of office furniture – Lamex, is now working with a famous designer – Mr. Zhao Xiong, famous fashion brand – Marisfrolg, Coffee Brand - Kotora Café, Floral Product Brand – Mazzo, to create dynamic coffee area and provide more possibilities for the new workplace trend. On day 2, Lamex will co-organize with a professional publication – Workplace Design, to run a number of forums.

03. The Playces collection by Lamex merges with Coffee Studio to create a “Neighborhood Community”
Day 2, The Design Forum of Lamex and “Workplace Design”, 3.17-3.18


The 2nd of The World-Class Office Chair Design in 21st century will showcase the most classical and best office chair design. This exhibition is aimed at showcasing the best craftsmanship and R&D. It is also a perfect platform for people to get to know the international designs. Lamex Mimeo is selected as the one of the most classical office chair in the 21st century.

04. Home AI Exhibition, Smart of Space

Booth 1A08

The Smart of Space (SOS Hall) is co-organized by the founder of “Fan Culture and Development” – Sun Chen Zhu, Senior PR Agent – Li Yao, and the SZCW to explore the flexibility of the future workplace. “Smart of Space” is a AI living environment for generation Y and Z, which is based on the ecological system of The Internet of things and AI technologies. As the only selected office furniture brand, Lamex helps build a breathing space, where people share, work and live.

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See you again in CIFF & IFO in March, Guangzhou