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7 April, 2021

SuperLab – to explore the infinite possibilities of the future workplace


Our explorations of future workplace development never stop. The outbreak of the pandemic has changed our work styles dramatically, which also highlights the importance of designing and creating a workplace with satisfying human needs for health, safety, efficiency and rest. Given the integration of advanced AI technologies, smart technology, health, people-oriented and mobility will be a new direction for future workplace development.

Lamex never stop imagining and creating our future workplace

Since the 1st of 2030+ International Future Office (IFO) Exhibition in CIFF, it has brought us the unlimited future development of workplaces. IFO is the abbreviation of “International Future Office”, representing the concepts of our future workplaces and work culture. IFO also stands for “If Office……”, which give us unlimited imagination of how our future workplaces would be.

From 28 Mar to 31 Mar, 2030+ IFO was themed as “Breathe” in CIFF. The idea of “Breathe” was created by the Vice Chairman of China National Furniture Association – Ms. Tu Qi, who raised out the concept of “Breathe images the future”. She also expressed in some media interviews that offices and workplaces will change dramatically in 2021. With the advanced technologies and modern aesthetics, arts and creativity would be found in our future workplaces. As one of the world-leading brands of office furniture, Lamex was invited to participate and exhibit in IFO for 2 consecutive years. In the IFO, Lamex exhibited new products and demonstrated the future workplace solution and trend through exploration of human behavior, environment and space to create N+1 forms of future work models.

“IF” is the unique IP character for 2030+IFO. It continued the previous IF visual and story protagonist in 2021.  IF as the most core visual asset of the 2030+ IFO exhibition, will continue throughout the future of many exhibitions until 2030.  

When everything merges together, everything will feel alive. 

IFO presented workplace scene in a natural environment with dynamic Chinese landscape paintings, products made from recycled coffee grounds, two new human-centric products designed by Lamex, Lamex Playces Collection of furniture, and an ecological environment cloth with full of moss and green plants.  It allowed visitors to explore the bounding between nature and future workplaces, human and human, and understand the environmentally friendly attributes and sustainability of future offices.

The design of IFO was a perfect match with the “Neighbourhood Concept “ proposed by Lamex in 2019, which can work everywhere, break the working boundaries, work and leisure boundaries are blurred, emerge socialized collaboration, burst of inspiration and efficiency.  The concept of “Neighbourhood”re-positioned our “offices” and created a dynamic environment to inspire people, foster communications and creativity, promote innovation and allow employees to perceive corporate culture. This year in IFO, the Design Director of Lamex – Mr. Marc Fong, advocated the new concept of workplace “SuperLab”. The “SuperLab” is co-created by the advanced 5G and AI technologies to overcome time and geographic barrier to unleash the productivity and creativity of our employees.

With the new workplace concept – “SuperLab”, Lamex also showcased 2 new products in the IFO, which are Boulevard Spine and Coves. Boulevard Spine has round and straight shape. It enables collaboration in the open office areas. Base with powerful cable management with flexible power sockets everywhere provides ease of power access for employees.  With the comfortable seating pads and coffee tables that are easy to dismantle and install, it keeps employees in a comfortable environment for a quick meeting and collaborations. Boulevard Spine can match with other products of Lamex, like Duplex, Surrounds, Coves, All Around, Hockey, Privi Server, to create a dynamic “Neighbourhood Community”.

Coves creates a semi-private area. It is a sofa with a roof for good acoustic balance and privacy. It has a complete series of family products including single and double lounge sofa for infinitely combination.  It The sofa is equipped with wheels castors to allows mobility and conveniently move the two sofas to hug each other, providing a quiet and high-privacy resting space.  Or it can configure to be bar table, multi-media space for meeting, a private space with single sofa and a private silent cabin formed by multiple sets of high screens. Equipped with LED light sensors, it will activate when you need it. Coves is truly your smart partner in the future workplace.

Playces is designed with the concept of “Work, play and rest, everywhere.”  In IFO, Lamex exhibited All Around, Hockey Whiteboard、 Tapa、 Please chairs、Daily、This and That Two, etc.

At the opening ceremony of the IFO, the President of Lamex – Mr. Wilson Tse, was invited to participate in the forum of “Dialogue with Denmark and see looking into the world” of 2021 Future Workplace Design Forum. Mr. Wilson Tse joined with many industry representatives to discuss current hot topics in office furniture industry, including the impact of the pandemics, AI technologies, E-commerce development, environment, and space design, etc. Among all the issues, the focal point would be the innovation of the service of office furniture. Mr. Wilson Tse expressed that office furniture design should start with human needs and firms should strengthen R&D to achieve differentiation in products and services. He also addressed the smart technologies and internet break the boundaries and limitation of time and regions, workplace will become a “Neighbhourhood Community” for co-creation, collaboration and learning. 

The work environment is becoming a “Neightbourhood Community” - “The rise of CoLabs”  is shared by Lamex

The new concept of “SuperLab” is aligned with the concept of “Neighbourhood Community” and “Work, play and rest, everywhere” of Playces by Lamex in 2019. With the support of smart technologies, people can overcome limitation of time and geographic barrier, break the boundaries and work everywhere.  

The Design Director of Lamex – Mr. Marc Fong and the Space Design Director of Lamex – Ms. Sabrina Lee, co-presented the sharing of “The Rising of CoLab”. Ms. Sabrina mentioned that most of companies in the world attempted to work from home during pandemic.  According to a research by PwC on the effect of COVID-19 pandemic and the development of modern work culture, 79% of employees prefer remote working, 65% prefer to have more freedom at works and more intelligent workplace. The advancement of technologies can undoubtedly help people improve their cognitive, social and emotional abilities.  People gather together to interact, share and express their thinking, motivate each other in order to enhance work efficiency and create value. However, how to inject vitality into work when working hours are getting longer? In the future, our works may more merge with our lives.   Similarly, café, restaurants and fitness needs will also integrated into our future workplaces.

Lamex shares with customers to explore the future workplaces

The future workplace will satisfy the needs of remote working and face-to-face collaboration. Communication and collaboration are the foundation to solve problems, and collaboration and rest will be an indispensable part. The development of intelligent technologies will help people to focus on collaboration, problem solving and creation. In the viewpoint of Lamex, office furniture and designers will strive to create an environment of equalization, encourage people interaction and cultivate community spirit.

Innovation is the key of Lamex. Lamex is dedicated to leading the industry with the continuously developments of future workplaces. The future development and changes of working models may surpass our understanding and imagination. But people-oriented is always the core. And only through communication and collaboration, people can foster creativity and better development.  Looking to the future, Lamex continues to see consider human needs as the core of the future workplace development, and is willing to co-create with customers and explore the possibilities of future work models and solutions.