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4 August, 2022

SZCW | Lamex Multi Experiential Workplace Became Focus Point


From July 25th to 28th, 2022, "Shenzhen Creative Week and the 37th Shenzhen International Workspace Design Exhibition" (SZCW) was held as scheduled under the pressure of the epidemic. Lamex and many influence of leading brands in the office furniture industry participated the exhibition.

Lamex aims to explore and share insight into future working styles, environmental development trends, share cutting-edge office concepts, thinking, knowledge, design cases, etc. with people at the field of office environment.

Lamex Created Multi Experiential Workplace

The Multi Experience Workplace advocated by Lamex in this exhibition foresees the future workplace design trend and further demonstrates the ABW workspace concept.  The Lamex booth is designed a landscape of many variable settings, each delivering a micro experience tailored to serve work activities, enhance work outcomes from creativity to speed in problem-solving and sustaining enjoyment of the work journey. It has captured many VIPs and visitors from all walks of life came in droves.


Just like last years, distributors and executives of large and medium-sized enterprises from all over the country showed great interest on the prospects of cooperation after visiting the Lamex booth.

Remarkable Lamex Design Forums

Lamex's design forums on July 25th and 26th respectively detonated the warm atmosphere of the exhibition. Terence Shea, Vice President of Lamex, gave a welcome speech at the forum on the 25th, which was wonderful and earnest.


The invited guest speakers are:

The first forum:  Re-understanding ABW in the post-epidemic era

FTA Interior Design Director, Bruce Shao

Perkins Eastman Architectural Designer, Yi Xu

B+H Architects Senior Interior Designer, Yaya Xue

Lamex Global Product Design Director, Marc Fong

Lamex Workspace Design Director, Sabrina Lee


The second forum: Observe the post-epidemic workplace design from “Allen Curve”

J&A Design, Senior Partner, Roy Feng

YHD Design, Partner, David Zhou

GDD Interior Design, Founder, Bill Chen

Lamex Global Product Design Director, Marc Fong

Lamex Product Development Designer, Navy Wang



The guests gathered as scheduled, and the venue was full.  Designers came to occupy seats from noon and more spectators came to join the forums.  Many spectators would rather choose to stand and watch and enjoy it. Lamex design forums became the focus points of the exhibition.


Lamex booth won praise from all parties

Delicious refreshments and exquisite gifts are also thoughtfully prepared for the visitors, and it has attracted many celebrities from the media industry such as TikTok and Xiaohongshu to come and take photos with Lamex products.


Lamex actively participated in major events of the exhibition

Lamex also actively participated in the forum officially hosted by the exhibition organizer.  Lamex Workspace Design Director Sabrina Lee participated and discussed with other guest speakers on the office revolution from the second space to the fourth space, especially in the post-epidemic environment, that consider various factors such as office needs and social needs and how to plan the perfect workspace solution in the future.


Besides, Lamex was invited to participate in the design box of Perkins Eastman. As a world-known design company, Perkins Eastman tried to deliver the design concept - PLAYFUL ENVIRONMENTS AND INNOVATION (a fun-filled environment associated with innovation).


Perkins Eastman believes that we learn to master the physical and social world through play when growing up and try to explore the boundaries of our surroundings in every interaction, throwing ourselves into a game of trial and error and trying to figure out various ways to make things work.  So everyone's experience of the game is unique and enjoyable, and we maintain an openness and absorption of new things in the process.

In view of this, Lamex's Meta, Tapa, This and That one and other office furniture products demonstrated a scene of personalization, openness and connection and diversity, creating a flexible and inspiring environment integrated advanced technology that can encourage cooperation and meet diverse needs.


Although SZCW exhibition has been postponed several times due to the epidemic but finally ended with a more successful attitude.  Lamex will continue to explore the perfect solution for the future workspace and is leading into a smart future.