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27 May, 2022

The virtual experience of Lamex Modern Workplace


As a creative workplace that is beyond our imagination, the virtual environment of the latest Lamex’s conceptual workplaces is beyond any physical characteristics and barrier of our real lives. The virtual workplace presents our ideal office and takes you to explore areas that promote collaboration, physical and mental recovery, focus works, meetings and conferences. Lamex's virtual workplace is where we can experience interconnection, interaction and inspiration.

ABW & Agile Ecosystem

Flexible working, hybrid workspace, collaborative working and intelligent solutions... the post epidemic era has brought changes to our work modes, and flexible working ecology has become a new trend. Open workplace will change the work needs of employees into a more diversified and flexible layout, providing employees with more choices of different work modes. How, when or where to work, so as to meet the diversified work needs of employees, different layouts and furniture configurations improve their physical and mental health and effectively enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.

In the smart workplaces, there are three main ecological elements - Activity-based Working, Agile Working, and Focus Working. 

Activity-based work space - using the combination of different furniture to create a diversified layout that can easily create a highly mobile and interlinked workplace to ensure different work needs can be satisfied.

Agile work space – uses mobile elements, such as mobile desk, screen, multimedia, storage system and office chair, so that can quickly move and easily configure into different settings for quickly adapting to changing activities/needs, from learning to collaboration and then to concentrative work. By removing restrictions and encouraging self-initiative, companies seek to improve increases the efficiency, adaptability and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Focus work space - it provides employees with an ideal place for teleconference, video conference, brain-storming and rest. At the same time, this type of workplace also meets the basic needs of an office, such as power supply and network. It also helps to build the connection between employees and teams.

Resident Work Ecosystem

Different from the flexible workplace, the Resident Work Ecosystem is dominated by functionality, which is divided into different functional areas, such as work area, executive office, conference area, training area, leisure area, etc. There are usually designated rooms for various purposes, and employees need to carry out relevant work in different functional areas. Resident Work Ecosystem provides employees with privacy and comfort, supporting their daily work needs. It also improves efficiency through familiar structures and expectations which do not change frequently.