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16 December, 2019

The Workplace Neighborhoods Event – Guangzhou


The growth of the Internet, the popularity of digital and mobile devices and their continuing improvements have blurred the boundaries between work and life. 

The emergence of ambiguous, mobile and fragmented workplace models and co-working options is fueling the demand for new types of workplace, as the workplace itself is no longer just a place to work, but has evolved into a stage theater. One person, two people, or three or more people, with no fixed titles nor functions are now fluidly moving between roles depending on the whims of their creativity and initiative as a part of the play we call “work and life”.

On December 3, Lamex held an evening soiree with exclusive preview of Lamex new products in Guangzhou Yangcheng Creative Park while launching the new workplace solution -  Longhouse, and the new workplace concept of "Neighborhood Community”. First proposed by Lamex in 2019, the "Neighborhood Community" promotes the use of community and home furnishing in workplaces to meet people's physical and emotional demands in response to the emergence of space types, co-working spaces, the proliferation of mobile and nomadic workplace formats.

As the industry's first Neighbourhood Community Solution, Longhouse’s design is inspired by the traditional longhouses of the indigenous people of China and Southeast Asia. These indigenous people solved different living problems through cooperation and division of labor. Longhouse features 3 different elements: Pavilion, Social Table and Bench, which together are designed for a seamless collaborative "community" that enables everything from personal work, co-working to group meetings. From collaboration to relaxation, Longhouse is a one-stop workplace and living place that nurtures a "community" belonging to everyone.

In the event venue, together with Longhouse, new product series such as Surrounds, Bay Lite, Envolve Plus, Lumin Phone booth and Playces Collection provide a harmonious office environment filled with inspiring experiences and positive emotions.

Surrounds is a product steeped in to environmental protection and sustainable development. The curves can be composed of S-type, wind-type, C-type and other combinations.  Suitable for focus work, teamwork, and group interaction that creates a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.  Coupled with the new stylish colors, this creative design furniture can easily match with any office environment.

Bay Lite series allows you to switch freely between focus work and interaction with other people.

Lumin Photo Booth creates private workplace.

Envolve Plus HAD delivers a convenient, harmonious and healthy working environment.

The Playces Collection can be used in offices, homes, hotel lobby and airport lounges to create a home-like working environment.