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Open Up

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Open To All

Open Up task chair combines elegance, supreme quality and aesthetic slender design, for ergonomic seating that comfortably supports every position. Stay focused on your creative ideas and concentrate on your work, with Open Up. 

Design ideas

Open Up by Sedus, which is a famous furniture Brand from Germany, is always one of the hottest items in Lamex. Its Germany style and high-tech elasticity support, it is always loved by different people.

Unsurpassed comfort, high performance, seated health and strong aesthetics – Open Up 2.0 is made for high-intensity workstations, balancing efficiency and productivity for workplace wellbeing. 

Open Up 2.0 adapts for workplace focus, group meetings and aiding interaction, for everlasting comfort in executive spaces. Its sleek build offers versatility and functionality, perfect for either private or semi-private offices. 

For executive and managerial workspaces, Open Up 2.0 is an ideal choice to facilitate, leadership mentoring, private conversations and cohesive interaction, allowing for high-level harmony. 


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Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Open Up