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Product description

Everyone is in the Treehouse.

Owing to its honeycomb formation, Treehouse places each individual in the core of work neighborhood, no one is on the fringe, allowing quick seamless shift from individual concentrative work to group collaborative work to social connection within work community.

Design ideas

Treehouse take care of our needs for focus work, teamwork and collaboration. By changing the worksurface orientation and height, and using different family elements like shelf, central hub, canopy, pavilion, planter and trellis, Treehouse enables different configurations in which people can choose from a distanced quiet space for prolonged concentrative works to the collaborative area for team sharing and meetings.   Featuring planters and canopy with overgrown plants, Treehouse creates a nature-like environment that is instantly calming and a little bit enchanting. 

Power Siblings

Longhouse and Treehouse deliver the same promise of workplace community creation and social space adjacencies for collaboration. Very different yet connected and complementary, Longhouse and Treehouse work together as a power couple to meet the needs of everyone in the workplace.


Colour options


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Treehouse