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7 August, 2019



Workspace type:
Work , Private

Products used in this project:
Avail Desk , Avail Bench , Envolve Connected Office , Verta , Array

CRRC is a listed corporate in China, dedicated to designing and making high-speed railing system. Their new headquarters is located in Zhuzhou, China, covering a mega campus where is able to house almost a thousand of employees. In order to maintain the privacy of the professional works and not compromise the communication between people, they developed a focus work environment and adopt the open workplace structures in some particular areas and for those departments which require communications. Thanks to Lamex Workplace Solutions, all their wants and needs are satisfied.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

Avail L-shaped workstation supports employees’ focus works. The L-shape design also provides enough working spaces for employees.

Executive rooms and areas feature with Envolve executive desks that are made of quality materials and simplicity style. Side storage provides capacity for filing and staff belongings. 

In some particular areas, open workplace design is adopted and featured with Avail Bench with desktop screen, fostering collaboration and space efficiency.

Meeting tables are set up nearby workstations for instant team meetings.

The use of Verta executive chair and Array task chair provides ergonomics support for all employees.



The versatility of Avail Solutions supports the dynamic development of the company.

The ergonomic task chairs and executive chairs provide enhanced comfort, health, and productivity for employees.

Balance privacy and collaboration, enable work efficiency and foster productivity

Adapt to changing work modes and future change of business needs.