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Product description

Designed for All

Inspired by the human vertebrae, Verta's V-shaped wishbone design and light triangular shape adds structure and strength while allowing flexibility. Verta moves with you for lasting, comfortable support.

Designed for All Shapes
Verta is designed with the Asian body in mind. Regardless of your body shape, its well-designed contour back and seat creates the right touch points with your body and evenly distributes pressure points to reduce fatigue.

Designed for All Spaces
Verta adapts to any type of work activities throughout the day - anytime or anywhere. Whether you are focusing on work, a team meeting, or video conferencing, Verta enhances your healthy work life.

Designed for You
Customize your chair with diverse material options and configurations to create a strong visual impact and easily integrate into any application.




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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Verta