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12 October, 2020

Manulife | Activity Based Working at your side

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Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Ingage Connected Office , Avail Desk , Lumin , Please

The rapid development of AI smart devices and technology enables people to work anytime and anywhere. In the past, people were required to work in cubicle where desktop computers were now laptops and mobile devices allow us to work remotely and access necessary files over the cloud storage. Our workplace has been transformed into activity-based and dynamic working environment that adapts to different work modes and agile working activities. This dynamic working style is advocated by “Activity Based Working (ABW)”.

Manulife x Lamex

Established for more than 120 years, Manulife is a company with great heritage. Manulife has been widely recognized globally and provided diversified insurance and wealth management products and services to more than 2.2 million customers. To cope with the evolutional changes of the market and their business development plans, they adapt “Activity Based Working” to their working environment to foster communications and collaborations. Lamex has been Manulife’s partner in creating amazing workplaces for more than 20 years. This year, Lamex once again helps Manulife address their needs with professional knowledge and workplace solutions to create a modern and efficient workplace.

Collaborative Area

The new agency office of Manulife is located in Hong Kong. Majority of the employees are insurance agents who often need to meet with clients frequently and work remotely. It drives Manulife to create a dynamic environment in which fosters the collaboration and communications among employees. The Playces Collection by Lamex is a collaborative furniture series which is recommended for space planning to create areas where employees can meet, collaborate and work on proposal in the way they like.

The collaborative area is comprised of meeting tables of different sizes and collaborative chairs. Different combinations allow employees to efficiently switch activities for focus works, client meetings and team meetings of 2-8 people, greatly improving space utilization and degree of flexibility in the environment.

Lumin Phone booth is a great facility to control the noise level in a dynamic workplace. It has an excellent acoustics and ventilation system to make it a perfect personal space without any noise interference from the outside, allowing you to focus on your personal tasks or contact customers in a quiet and private environment.

By providing high chairs along the window sides, people can enjoy the breathe-taking view at work, which makes their work more interesting and relaxing. A workplace like this lovely environment encourages their employees to enjoy their works improves their productivity and work performance.

Focus Area

To reserve privacy for some departments and functions, Lamex provides Avail desks with panels to set up a focus area, where effectively provide appropriate privacy and help employees improve work efficiency.

Executive Area

The success of an enterprise requires innovation and inheritance. Manulife is not an exception.  Ingage Connected Office Solution and Tria Executive Solution create a series of amazing executive areas for executives, helping them on leadership role to make the best decisions for their team and to support the expansion and development of the company.

Manulife never stops improving the working environment for their continuous developments. An diversified workplace creates an open and respectful work culture and always helps to attract and retain talents. Lamex accompanies its customers’ growth and transformation, helping customers to create ideal workplaces where foster communication and collaboration, stimulate employee happiness and sense of belonging, and help the company on sustainable developments.