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Product description

The standing revolution is more than just physical.

Duplex is an active Height-Adjustable Desk solution, which enables standing working and collaborations together and improves your personal well-being. Dedicated to a smooth texture and perfect balance with the surrounding environment, Duplex is designed with soft edges, supple contours and an alluring simplicity embodying physical and spiritual wellness. Duplex has a premium appearance that is able to fit with any modern workplaces.  

Staying true to its name, Duplex offers 2 distinct work levels within the same real estate, simply by adjusting surface height.  A lower level for thinking and concentrative individual work, ensconced within fabric screens for privacy and a quiet ambiance.  An upper level for standing work with a gantry-like uninterrupted view of one’s surroundings or for standing collaboration using the entire perimeter of the worksurface.

Design ideas

Duplex screens do not move. Surface does. It can transform to a standing meeting table in a matter of seconds at any time to provide an on-demand standing collaborative work zone for serendipitous collaboration.  It supports focus works, while not compromising collaborative works.

Duplex features advanced power provision – a single plug for all power needs, and messy or unsightly wires and cables are concealed.

Duplex facilitates the diverse curation of work environments – bench, workpods, neighborhoods – all of which encourages community engagement, and creation of collective trust and cooperation.


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Duplex




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