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30 September, 2019

Lamex launched the New Collaborative Furniture – Longhouse, and the New Workplace Concept of “Neighborhoods”.

Corporate , Design Trends , Product

2019.09.24, The New Collaborative Furniture – Longhouse was launched in Shanghai Lamex Workplace Center. From designers, clients to media, Lamex housed 150 guests to experience the concept of “Neighborhoods”.

Given the wide application of AI technology, automation has replaced some of the human resources in manufacturing industry, logistic industry and retail industry.  Except those face-to-face meeting and other interpersonal tasks such as social, creative problem solving, sharing, etc, the amount of focus work is expected to be reduced. It makes teamwork and collaboration being the main direction of workplace trend.

The “Neighborhoods” by Lamex advocates community creation in our workplaces.  It addresses the ambiguity, mobility and nomadic forms of workplaces and development trend of collaborative workplace model, and satisfies the human physical and emotional needs toward a working environment.

The relationship between workplace and human connection is always the focal point of Lamex direction. At the afternoon of 24th September, Lamex and INTERNI (a famous Design Media from Italy) co-organized a Design Forum on Workplace Development.

Mr. Li Ying, The Associate partner of HBA and Studio HBA, expressed that designers should avoid using one single solution to finish their designs. Instead, study and analysis of the actual problem should be focused. A good designer is always trained to have an effective thinking and methodology for almost every space design. They are able to make personal statements on the rules of designs, provide effective solutions and satisfy the needs of customers.

Mr. Marc Fong, the Design Director of Lamex, expressed that collaboration and teamwork are the primary way of working in the future, given the rapid development of technology and application of AI. Idea, interaction are the keywords for future workplace. People want to socialize, make friends, and live in a happy atmosphere in the workplace. The new products by Lamex like Longhouse, Surrounds,Bay Lite and Lumin Phone Booth are designed to create a sustainable and collaborative area where people can create, share and interact.

According to Mr. Pasqualino Tomassi, the Design Director of Progetto CMR (China), the recent report by Progetto CMR finds that one of the 3 main demands of employees is to have an environment, where collaboration, technology and mobility coexist to foster communication and sharing. Employees also wish to have more connections between works and private life.