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30 March, 2023

Slash | Freely Integrate with Any Space


The Slasher refers to the younger generations who have multiple identities and skills, and use "/" to distinguish talents with different identities when introducing themselves. The working mode of Slasher is different from the general, free from the constraints of time and space, and flexibly allocate working hours. Slashers are enthusiastic, creative and diverse, and are able to find new ideas and innovative solutions in different fields.

Inspired by the independence, flexibility, and freedom of the Slasher, Lamex’s new product, Slash multifunctional chairs and stools, breaks the boundaries of space and comfortably blend in the ever-changing office environment nowadays, just like Slashers.

Refined Simplicity

Slash multi-functional chairs and stools, with simple and neat lines, give features clean and smooth lines, exuding a sense of high grade. The lightweight of Slash is shown in every detail, and a high-quality three-dimensional structure is sketched with a streamlined outline, adding an artistic sense of geometric space. The chairs full of harmonious color tones are matched with the stylish metal frame to create a graceful and refreshing look. When combined with other colors in the space, it highlights the rich layering of the space.

Slash adopts light and durable materials, refined metal frame and light plastic chair back, combining simple elegance and modern sophistication, injecting more possibilities into the practical space.

Flexible and Functional

Slash multi-functional chairs and stools include wire stackers with or without armrest and high stools without arms. Different seat functions adapt to different space environments, and can be naturally integrated into different scenes. Slash perfectly matches in office areas, collaborative areas, leisure areas, dining places, etc. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere can bring people closer. It also creates a warm and inclusive environment to stimulate creativity, make communication smoother, promote efficient collaboration, and foster natural integration.

Additionally, the Slash series can be matched with soft and comfortable seat cushions, with a variety of fabric choices. The delicate touch of the seat enhances the overall design quality of the space. 

Slash series can also be stacked for easy storage and free up more space. This series is equipped with a special trolley, which can conveniently stack up to 20 seats and move around easily. Whether it is for meeting, collaboration, recreation and entertainment, or dining and leisure, it can be freely deployed to meet the needs of different spaces.

The Slash multifunctional chair and stools are both stylish and practical, comfortable and flexible. Its diverse, open, efficient, convenient, and adaptive features promote inspiration and brainstorming in the open space and can easily adapt to different spaces to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises.